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Stubborn Fat

The weight loss industry has led us to believe that getting rid of stubborn fat is as easy as “calories in, calories out.” However, the reality is more complicated than that. Modern scientific discoveries debunk this claim and show us that when it comes to fat our body in not a calorie counting bank but rather a complex chemistry lab.

Why do some individuals struggle with bulges that cling despite their best efforts? Learn the physiology of diet and exercise-resistant fat and discover proven methods for reducing bulges that refuse to budge.

What is Stubborn Fat?

There are several factors that affect an individual’s ability to get rid of fat, such as genetics, hormones, and gender. These are not things a person can control or change. And most people, no matter their lifestyle or activity level, have a few problem areas that are resistant to change. Stubborn fat refers to these specific fat deposits that do not respond to working out or a healthy diet.

To understand why so many of us struggle with stubborn fat it is important to note that not all fat cells are the same. Once puberty is complete, the distribution of fat cells throughout our body and the number of fat cells in those areas remains fixed. Gender, genetics, and hormones all play a part in determining how many fat cells you get and where the body stores those cells. Women’s bodies typically deposit more fat cells in the lower half (thighs, hips, buttocks) to prepare the body for pregnancy. Men’s bodies are more likely to store fat cells in the upper body like chest, chin, and belly.

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What Causes Stubborn Fat to Resist Diet and Exercise?

There are two receptors in every fat cell: Alpha-2 and Beta-2. These receptors are responsible for telling the cell what to do. While each fat cell has both receptors, there is a majority of one in control of the cell. Alpha-2 receptors tell their fat cells to store fat for future use. In contrast, Beta-2 receptors program their fat cells to break down and release fat into the bloodstream for immediate energy. As a result, fat cells with more Beta-2 receptors respond very well to diet and exercise, while cells with more Alpha-2 receptors may not respond at all.


Spot reduction exercises cannot target specific areas like the weight loss industry perpetuates. For example, crunches do not specifically target fat cells located on the abdomen. In fact, this common problem area is often made up of cells with more Alpha-2 receptors, so it may be impossible to get rid of belly fat with traditional methods for some people.

How to reduce Stubborn Fat

Modern advancements in body sculpting have fortunately provided a safe and effective treatment for removing resistant fat. Liposuction and CoolSculpting can reduce these fat deposits by removing a number of fat cells in that area. These fat reduction treatments are not weight-loss solutions as they do not entice or force the fat cells to release fat. They reshape the problem area by reducing the fat cells entirely. This results in a long-lasting reduction of stubborn fat deposits.

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