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Restylane: Refyne, Defyne & Lyft Hyaluronic Acid Fillers.

If you’re looking for ways to address facial wrinkles and folds, then you might be interested in Restylane. Restylane is formulated to mimic the body’s natural hyaluronic acid, and can be used to smooth out facial blemishes.


As people grow older, the body produces less and less hyaluronic acid. This acid plays a huge role in keeping skin elastic and full looking. When the acid becomes less plentiful, skin begins to lose volume and both permanent creasing and wrinkles begin to linger on the skin.


Restylane is a filler that provides the hyaluronic acid your skin is lacking. Many people have lines running from the bottom of their nose to the edges of their mouths, and everybody’s cheeks begin to grow gaunt. Restylane smooths out wrinkles and folds, adds volume to lips, and restores fullness to cheeks and elsewhere on the face or hands.


There are multiple types of Restylane, but all are hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. Each looks like a clear gel, but different types of product are used in different circumstances. All Restylane products are approved for patients over the age of 21. Most results tend to last between 8 to 12 months, however, results may vary.*

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Restylane Lyft has been FDA-approved for three uses: increasing volume deficits on the backs of hands, augmenting cheeks or correcting contours on the face, and treating moderate or severe folds that appear on the face. Lyft is the first hyaluronic filler that has been approved to treat both the face and hands. Lyft lasts longer in the cheeks (around 10-12 months) than in the hands or when used to smooth out wrinkles (about 6 months). Around three-fourths of Lyft clients are still satisfied with how their midface area looked after twelve months passed; just more evidence that this is clearly a procedure with longevity.


Restylane Refyne is specifically designed to target the lines along the side of your mouth. Once applied, it helps smooth out those corners and gives clients the flexibility they need to make natural expressions and movements. In general, Refyne results can be expected to last about 12 months.


Restylane Defyne is created to specifically target the deep lines around the mouth and nose. It can help smooth out those deep creases while also keeping your expressions looking fluid and natural. Restylane Defyne lasts for about 18 months when used in nasolabial folds, those creases near the nose. Otherwise, you can expect Defyne results to last around 12 months.


There’s no permanent way to stop the effects of aging, but Restylane offers a long-term way to recapture a youthful, healthy look. If you’re interested in reaching out and seeing whether you’re a good candidate for Restylane treatment, we encourage you to reach out to Santé Medical Aesthetics, the premier Restylane provider in Southlake, TX. You can reach us at (817) 305-0050, or sign up for a free consultation online.

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