A Photofacial offers the latest advancements in Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology to dramatically restore and rejuvenate skin by reversing sun damage, correcting uneven skin tone, treating vascular lesions, improving acne and diminishing the overall signs of aging. This non-invasive skin care treatment is virtually painless, requires no downtime, and leaves skin radiant.

Replace tired looking, sun damaged complexions with healthy, vibrant skin by calling Santé Medical Aesthetics, the premier Photofacial Fort Worth / Dallas provider, at 817.305.0050.

Benefits of a Photofacial

  • Diminish age spots, freckles & other forms of sun damage
  • Improve skin tone & correct hyperpigmentation
  • Instantly revitalizes complexions for vibrant, glowing skin
  • Stimulate collagen production for long term rejuvenation
  • Reduces redness from broken capillaries & vascular lesions
  • Minimize pores and improve acne
  • Scientifically proven & FDA cleared as safe & effective
  • Non-invasive, painless & no downtime

Photofacial Before and After*

IPL Photofacial before and after pics reveal skin that is rejuvenated and free of sun damage, redness, and other skin issues.* Individual results may vary, but these Photofacial before and after images are of real patients and depict the impressive results you can expect from your Photofacial in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex area, at Santé Medical Aesthetics

Photofacial Before and After Sante
Photofacial Before and After Sante
Photofacial Before and After Sante
Photofacial Before and After Sante

How Does a Photofacial Work?

A Photofacial repairs and rejuvenates the skin using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) also known as Broadband Light (BBL). Pulsated blasts of light safely penetrate the upper layers of the dermis, delivering thermal energy that provides cosmetic improvements and stimulates therapeutic responses within the skin matrix.


During a Photo facial, Intense Pulsed Light safely penetrates your skin and heats the upper layers of the dermis with thermal energy, instantly revitalizing skin to look more radiant. It also provides long term rejuvenation by triggering your body’s natural healing processes to produce more collagen[1], the protein responsible for maintaining your skin’s health and structure. Increased collagen production restores skin by improving tone and texture and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.


Sun damage causes pigmentation lesions such as sunspots (also known as brown spots or age spots), freckles, and uneven skin tone. These spots are created by accumulations of melanin, pigment the skin uses to protect itself from the sun. A Photofacial can correct sun damage by calibrating the wavelength of the IPL to target melanin below the skin’s surface. The thermal energy is absorbed by the melanin, causing it to break apart. The fragmented melanin is then gradually reabsorbed by the body.


The thermal energy from a Photofacial can improve splotchy skin tone and target other vascular lesions such as broken capillaries, red spots, facial veins, port wine stains and more. Heating fine blood vessels below the skin’s surface causes them to constrict, effectively shrinking small facial veins, while reducing redness caused by vascular lesions or rosacea.


A Photofacial is also a very effective treatment for mild to moderate acne. Scientific studies show that thermal energy from an IPL Photo facial improves acne by destroying surface bacteria that is associated with acne breakouts and by regulating overactive sebaceous glands, which produce sebum, the skin’s oil that can also cause acne breakouts. IPL facials are also used to minimize the appearance of pores, for the overall appearance of smooth, clear skin.

Can a Photofacial treat more areas than the facial region?

Yes. The Photofacial procedure is effective at removing age and sun spots, small facial veins and rosacea, dark hyperpigmentation marks and red tones, and assists by shrinking the pores for a more firm, youthful appearance on the Chest, Neck & Shoulders, and hands as well as the face.

Does a Photofacial Hurt?

The Photofacial procedure is a quick, non-invasive treatment that most clients find painless.* While experiences may vary, you should experience minimal to no discomfort during your treatment. There is no standard requirement for a topical anesthesia, however in some cases it may be recommended for sensitive areas. Most clients indicate a sensation equivalent to the ‘snap’ of a rubber band or a warming sensation.

Is a Photofacial Safe?

The Photofacial treatment is FDA cleared as safe and effective. By delivering the therapy in bursts of pulsating light, discomfort to the patient is minimized and thermal energy can penetrate the dermis without causing thermal damage to the skin. While you are receiving your IPL Photofacial your eyes will be protected using safety guards or glasses.

The Best Photofacial Results Require Customized Treatment Plans

At Santé Medical Aesthetics, the leading provider of Photofacials in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, we personalize each treatment plan to the individual client. Customized treatment plans are especially beneficial when working with IPL technology. Specific wavelengths of light can usually be adjusted to address specific acne and scarring, pigmentation and vascular lesions, allowing more than one skin condition to be treated on a single pass, reducing the treatment time for clients. The flexible Finesse Adapters make it possible to access hard to reach areas for consistent, even results.

How Long do Photofacial Results Last?

While results may vary, some patients have reported lasting improvement for up to ten years after treatment*, depending on the targeted area and the skin condition being treated.

How much does a Photofacial cost?

Because IPL technology is so customizable and able to treat a variety of skin issues, exact Photofacial price may vary per patient. During your free photo facial consultation, your skin care professional will discuss the various ways an IPL Photofacial can repair and rejuvenate your skin. We’ll customize a treatment plan to deliver the results you are looking for that stays within your budget. Call 817.305.0050 today to learn more about Photofacial prices, current promotions, and for exclusive discounts on your Photofacial treatment.

Photofacial Near Me: Why Choose Santé Medical Aesthetics

Santé Medical Aesthetics specializes in non-invasive, cosmetic treatments and is distinguished as the premier Photofacial provider, in the Fort Worth / Dallas Metroplex, by providing clients with the highest standard of care that delivers the most optimal results possible. Our luxurious facility is staffed with highly experienced skin care professionals who are trained, in the latest cosmetic technologies, to ensure our clients love their experience at Santé as much as they love their Photofacial results.

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