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The Best Freckle Removal Treatment : Laser Skin Resurfacing Dallas

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, especially when it comes to freckles. Some people think freckles are cute and endearing, perfectly accenting the skin with golden kisses from the sun. Other people think the red and brown specks from freckles mar the complexion and want to know the best way to get rid of freckles quickly and effectively.

Fortunately, if you are one of those people who want to get rid of freckles, there are numerous, non-invasive treatments that significantly diminish the appearance of dark spots that mark the skin.

Read on to learn more about the cause of freckles and the most effective freckle removal treatments that will diminish brown spots and deliver a flawless complexion.

What Are Freckles?

To discover which freckle removal treatment is best for you, it is important to understand what causes your freckles to form. Freckles are a type of sun damage that causes small, brown or red speckles to dot the skin. They can form on any part of the body but are most common on areas with the most exposure to the sun, such as the face and the arms.

Freckles result from exposure to UV radiation from the sun or tanning beds. When the sun’s rays hit your skin, UV B radiation triggers cells within your skin called melanocytes to produce a dark pigment called melanin. This pigment protects healthy skin cells from the sun’s damaging radiation by absorbing the sun’s light. When melanocytes produce too much melanin, the pigment builds up and accumulates, creating a brown or red spot known as a freckle.

When freckles are protected from further UV exposure, they typically fade over time. Likewise, freckles exposed to the sun will darken. This is why freckles seem to come out more in the summer.

While freckles result from environmental exposure to UV radiation, intrinsic factors also play a role. Genes and skin type affect your propensity to freckle, with individuals with pale skin tones being most susceptible to freckling.

Effective Freckle Treatments

Several treatments effectively diminish the appearance of freckles. Some of the treatments include skin-lightening creams such as hydroquinone, prescription medications containing retinoid, chemical peels that are shown to improve pigmentation irregularities, IPL therapy (commonly referred to as a PhotoFacial) and Laser Skin Resurfacing. These treatments can be used in conjunction with one another to provide optimal results. While all of these freckle treatments are effective, arguably the golden standard for correcting sun damage and improving the appearance of freckles is Laser Skin Resurfacing.

Santé Medical Aesthetics is the premier provider of Laser skin resurfacing in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex. Call Santé today at (817) 799-7249 to learn about current specials and discounts on laser skin resurfacing cost.

Freckle removal with Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser Skin Resurfacing is clinically shown to effectively diminish pigmentation irregularities caused by sun damage, making it a great freckle removal treatment. Using the latest advancements in cosmetic lasers, Laser Skin Resurfacing works by safely and effectively penetrating the layers of skin with thermal energy to trigger the body’s own healing process.

Cosmetic lasers can diminish the appearance of freckles by breaking up the accumulation of melanin that causes the freckle to appear.

Laser Skin Resurfacing Before and After*

How Does Laser Skin Resurfacing Work?

During a laser treatment from Santé Medical Aesthetics, the Halo Laser is calibrated to target the specific color of your freckle. The laser safely penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the dark pigment the laser is calibrated for. The pigment absorbs the laser’s thermal energy causing the pigment to heat up and fracture. Once the melanin is broken up, the fragments are then small enough to be picked up and absorbed by the body.

Experiences may vary but for some patients, results can be seen after a single laser treatment. However, dark freckles typically require 3 to 5 treatments to diminish completely.*

Repair and Rejuvenate Your Skin

With Laser Skin Resurfacing from Santé Medical Aesthetics

Laser Skin Resurfacing can treat a number of skin conditions and offers numerous benefits besides freckle removal including:

Softens fine lines and wrinkles

Improves hyperpigmentation & even skin tone

Stimulates collagen production & cell renewal

Minimizes the appearance of pores

Diminishes brown spots & other forms of sun damage

Halo Laser Skin Resurfacing Before and After: Freckle Removal

To learn more about freckle removal treatments call Santé Medical Aesthetics at (817) 799-7249. Santé is a premier skin and laser spa located in South Lake Texas, serving clients in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Santé specializes in laser treatments and non-invasive skin care and can customize a treatment plan that will leave your skin flawless and freckle free. Call today for a free consultation.


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