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Different Fat Reduction Treatments Compared

Just a few years ago, if you suffered from stubborn fat deposits that resisted diet and exercise, your only treatment option was surgical fat removal. But with the invent of non-invasive fat reduction treatments, men and women who want help reducing bulges have several alternatives to liposuction.

Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Treatments

Non-Invasive Fat Reduction treatments eliminate fat cells by thermal manipulation. Some fat reduction treatments freeze fat cells and some melt or heat fat cells. Every fat reduction treatment aims for the same objective: lipolysis (“lipo” = fat cells + “lysis” = cell death.) When fat cells are injured from exposure to extreme temperatures, they rupture. This causes apoptosis, or cell death. The lymphatic system then collects and processes the destroyed fat cells out of the body.

While these treatments share the same objective, the different mechanisms assign pros and cons to each. Find out more about the different fat reduction treatments and discover which is right for you.

The following information is based on the average patient experience. As with any medical procedure, results may vary. *


CoolSculpting leads the industry as the most popular non-invasive fat reduction treatment in the world. Studies reveal that one CoolSculpting treatment can result in an average reduction of 25% of fat cells from a treatment area. CoolSculpting uses precisely controlled cooling to chill fat cells, a process known as cryolipolysis.

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CoolSculpting Treatment Time: The new line of CoolAdvantage CoolSculpting applicators reduces treatment time to 35 minutes.

Average # of treatments needed per area: 2 or 3 treatments

Patient experience during treatment: During the first 5 minutes, patients may feel tugging from the applicator and feel cold at the treatment site.

CoolSculpting down time / recovery period: CoolSculpting requires no downtime.

CoolSculpting side effects: CoolSculpting side effects are rare, however post-treatment symptoms associated with the immune system going to work to collect and process fat cells include mild tingling, tenderness, numbing, bruising, or redness.

When will I see CoolSculpting results? Experiences may vary, but most patients see optimal CoolSculpting results within 8-12 weeks after the treatment.*


Zerona is a light-based technology that heats up fat cells using  a “cold laser.” Zerona is the gentlest but least effective option of all the listed fat reduction treatments.

Zerona Treatment Time: Around 40 minutes.

Average # of treatments needed: 6 in a 2-week span

Patient experience during treatment: There is typically no pain or discomfort associated with Zerona fat reduction treatments.

Zerona Down time / Recovery period: No downtime is required following a Zerona treatment.*

Zerona Side effects: Side effects are rare.

When will I see Zerona results? Many patients report not seeing any results from the Zerona treatment. If they are among the lucky few who do, it is typically after a 2-week treatment program.*


Sculpsure is similar to CoolSculpting, however, instead of using controlled cooling, Sculpsure heats up fat cells using a warm laser. Like CoolSculpting, Sculpsure can treat different parts of the body using different applicators.

Sculpsure Treatment Time: Sculpsure treatment time is 25 minutes, one of the shortest durations of the listed fat reduction treatments.

Average # of treatments needed per area: 2-3 treatments.

Patient experience during treatment: Sensations of tingling and warmth.

Sculpsure Down time / Recovery period: Sculpsure requires no downtime and patients may resume their scheduled activities immediately.

Sculpsure Side effects: Stiffness and swelling.

When will I see my Sculpsure results? Results may vary, but most patients see optimal Sculpsure results within 8-12 weeks after the treatment.*


Liposonix damages fat cells using high intensity ultrasound and is FDA cleared to target fat cells on the abdomen and flank area.  It is similar to other fat reduction treatments that use ultrasound or radiofrequency to target fat cells such as TruSculpt and Venus Freeze.

Liposonix Treatment Time: 60 minutes.

Average # of treatments needed per area: 1 with liposonix. 2-3 for other radiofrequency/ultrasound fat reduction treatments.

Patient experience during treatment: Sensation of warmth. Some patients report discomfort during the procedure.

Liposonix Down time / Recovery period: Liposonix usually does not require any downtime.

Liposonix Side effects: Liposonix side effects include swelling, bruising, tenderness, and redness.

When will I see my Liposonix results? Optimal Liposonix results typically show up within 8-12 weeks after the treatment.*

Which Fat Reduction Treatment is Right for You?

If you suffer from stubborn fat deposits but want an alternative to liposuction, a non-invasive fat reduction treatment may be your ideal solution. The best way to find out which fat reduction treatment is right for you is to schedule a free consultation with a fat reduction specialist from Santé Medical Aesthetics by calling 817-873-3684 or signing up online.

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