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Laser hair removal is the most popular method for permanent hair reduction but not all laser machines are the same. There are several choices for laser hair removal but the five most common systems include: Nd:YAG, IPL, Alexandrite, Diode and Ruby lasers. Each of these different lasers has unique advantages and limitations. The laser system that is right for you depends on your skin type, the treatment area, and the type of hair being removed. In this two-part series from Santé Medical Aesthetics on the five top hair removal lasers, you will learn about the different systems and discover which type of laser will work best for your unique needs and personal goals.

To help you better understand the differences between the various laser systems, check out this article on how laser hair removal works.

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Alexandrite Laser Systems:

Candela, Cynosure Apogee, GentleLase, EpiTouch Plus

The Alexandrite laser is the most common laser system used for permanent hair reduction. The Alexandrite operates at a wavelength of 755nm, which targets melanin in hair follicles. This shorter wavelength makes the Alexandrite system effective for individuals with light to olive skin tones. The Alexandrite is the fastest laser of all the hair removal lasers, making it ideal for treating larger areas. Because of its fast pulse repetition,  the Alexandrite laser is also one of the more painful lasers for hair removal.

Diode Laser Systems:

MeDioStar, SopranoXL, SLP, F1 Diode, Epistar, Apex , LightSheer, LaserLite,

The Diode Laser system is a more recent advancement in hair removal technology. It differs from other laser systems by using diodes, also known as semiconductors as its light source. Diode lasers operate at 800 to 810nm wavelengths. The longer wavelength allows the laser to penetrate deeper into the hair follicle with minimal damage to surrounding skin or tissue. This makes it ideal for removing coarse hair, such as back hair or chest hair. Consequently, the Diode system is a popular hair removal method for men.

Nd:YAG Laser Systems:

Cutera, Candela, Cynosure Elite, CoolGlide, Lyra, Sciton

Nd:YAG laser systems are the newest technology for laser hair removal. Nd:YAG stands for Neodymium (Nd) and yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG.) The Nd:YAG laser system is effective in several cosmetic applications including laser skin resurfacing to improve hyperpigmentation and laser tattoo removal. When used to remove hair, a carbon lotion is applied to the skin, allowing hair follicles to absorb the lotion. Carbon is a better chromophore (pigment that absorbs light) than melanin for attracting the specific wavelength of the Nd:YAG laser. The carbon in the hair absorbs the light energy from the Nd:YAG laser, damaging the follicle, while protecting the surrounding tissue. Because the Nd:YAG laser targets the carbon and not the melanin in the hair follicle, this laser system is safe on all skin types, including Asian skin tones, distinguishing the Nd:YAG from other hair removal lasers.

Learn more about Laser Hair Removal from Santé Medical Aesthetics using the advanced Candela Nd:YAG laser system.

Ruby Laser Systems:

RubyStar , EpiPulse Ruby, Palomar E2000

Ruby lasers were the first systems developed for hair removal. While Ruby lasers utilize the oldest technology for laser hair removal, this type of laser is very effective for individuals with light skin tones. The Ruby system uses a short wavelength (694nm,) ideal for targeting melanin, the pigment that absorbs light and gives color to our hair and skin. Ruby lasers have 2-second pauses between laser pulses. This long duration makes laser treatments with the Ruby laser more tolerable, but also increases treatment duration and is therefore ideal for treating smaller areas.

IPL Systems

IPL systems Aculight, Quantum, PhotoDerm, Epilight, Vasculight

IPL systems for hair removal use intense pulsed light, not a true laser, to initiate photothermolysis. The thermal energy from the IPL penetrates the melanin found in hair to damage the follicle. IPL systems are customizable, allowing the technician to adjust parameters to better meet the needs and characteristics of the patient. This includes the size of the wavelength, the duration of pulse, and the intensity of energy.

Finding the Best Laser Hair Removal in Dallas

Read on to Part II to learn about the pros and cons of each laser system to discover which can provide the best laser hair removal in Dallas for you. Or rely on the experts at Santé Medical Aesthetics. As a leading skin and laser spa located in Southlake, TX, Santé is the premier Dallas /Fort Worth provider of laser hair removal. Schedule a complimentary laser hair removal consultation by calling Santé today or signing up online.

Part II: The Pros and Cons of the Different Hair Removal Lasers >>

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