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CoolSculpting treatment areas target stubborn bulges from nearly anywhere on the body. The popular fat freezing treatment is equipped with various applicators that can target fat from under the chin all the way down to above the knees. Read on to learn more about how CoolSculpting works and discover if your stubborn bulge qualifies as one of CoolSculpting’s treatment areas.

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Popular CoolSculpting Treatment Areas

CoolSculpting reduces different fat deposits from large bulges to small isolated pockets of fat. Popular CoolSculpting treatment areas include:

  • CoolSculpting the neck or double chin
  • CoolSculpting belly fat
  • CoolSculpting love handles and thigh fat
  • CoolSculpting armpit fat (bra bulge)
  • CoolSculpting arms
  • CoolSculpting below the buttocks
  • CoolSculpting the chest (on men)
  • CoolSculpting back fat

Freeze Away Stubborn Fat with CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting Treatment Areas Reduce Fat on the Neck to Fat Above the Knees and Everything in Between

How Exactly Does CoolSculpting Work?

When most people hear about the CoolSculpting, procedure they tend to think that it is too good to be true. But, there is no magic to CoolSculpting. It is all about groundbreaking technology and the science of Cryolipolysis. The treatment uses specialized applicators to deliver controlled cooling to unyielding pockets of fat or bulges on the body. Once the fat cells are pinpointed and exposed, they are frozen with precisely controlled cooling, which penetrates the skin without causing any harm. The controlled cooling causes the fat cell to crystalize and rupture, never able to store fat again. Naturally, your system processes these destroyed fat cells out of your body over the course of several weeks.

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CoolSculpting Applicators

People come in different shapes and sizes. CoolSculpting applicators do too and provide the fat freezing treatment with its versatility. Whatever your CoolSculpting treatment area may be, your technician will utilize the best applicator for your body and goals. The result is a contoured body you only dreamed of; all without any need for surgery.

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What CoolSculpting Treatment Areas Would You Target?

Regardless of the location of problematic fat, your stubborn bulge probably exists in a popular CoolSculpting treatment area and can be frozen away with the innovative body contouring treatment. The best way to find out if CoolSculpting can tackle your unwanted fat, no matter where it clings, is to schedule a complimentary consultation with the professionals at Santé Medical Aesthetics. As a premier body contouring facility in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, Santé is equipped with the full line of applicators and is highly experienced in working with all CoolSculpting treatment areas. Schedule your free consultation today by contacting Santé Medical Aesthetics online. Or call (817) 305-0050.

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