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coolsculpting applicators

The CoolAdvantage Collection: The New & Improved CoolSculpting Applicators

For millions of adults who struggle with unwanted body fat that resists diet and exercise, liposuction use to be the only solution. However, in 2011, CoolSculpting revolutionized the fat reduction industry, offering a non-invasive solution to stubborn fat without surgery or downtime.

Since 2011, CoolSculpting has only improved, especially with the introduction of the CoolAdvantage collection of CoolSculpting applicators. With these seven new top rated CoolSculpting applicators, the safety and efficacy of freezing away fat has gotten even better.

The CoolAdvantage Collection Line includes:


Each of the recently released CoolSculpting applicators offer unique benefits for helping reduce uncompromising fat. And each of the seven new CoolSculpting applicators are specifically designed to conform to specific regions of the body, offering new treatment areas such as a double chin and upper arm fat. In addition, the new and improved CoolSculpting applicators:

  • Freeze fat more effectively for better fat reduction results
  • Are more economically efficient to decrease CoolSculpting Cost
  • Are even safer and less invasive for decreased post treatment discomfort
  • Freeze fat faster, decreasing most treatment times to as little as 35 minutes.

Reduce Fat without Surgery or Downtime

From Santé Medical Aesthetics: A Certified Dallas CoolSculpting Provider

CoolSculpting is the only FDA cleared fat reduction treatment that safely and effectively reduces stubborn bulges by exposing fat cells to controlled cooling.

The New CoolSculpting Applicators


Upper arm fat is a problem many people face and one that the COOLPETITE Advantage applicator can help with. This latest designed CoolSculpting applicator from Zeltiq is specifically designed to target fat in the upper arms, knees, back of thighs and other areas. The industry changing CoolSculpting applicator easily adjusts to several body sizes and shapes, to perfectly target Banana rolls and bra bulges. In addition, treatments typically take only 35 minutes.

coolsculpting applicators


The COOLCORE ADVANTAGE™ PLUS applicator attacks stubborn belly fat with ferociousness. This CoolSculpting applicator is one of the biggest. It is known as the ‘de-bulking’ tool since it can take on bigger areas of fat in the body, like the fat deposits found on the lower and upper abdomen. With the COOLCORE Advantage Plus belly fat is reduced without intrusive and expensive surgery, downtime or stitches. In addition, most treatments with this CoolSculpting applicator require only 35 minutes, earning its nickname as Lunchtime Lipo.

coolsculpting applicators


The COOLFIT Advantage CoolSculpting applicator takes on fat deposits with impressive outcomes. Bulging areas such as the upper and vertical regions in your inner thighs are frozen successfully. Patients experience more comfort and efficiency than past treatments, surgery and other methods.

coolsculpting applicators


Most of us have issues with fat located in the abdomen section. Luckily, the innovative and new COOLCORE Advantage applicator can help lessen stubborn flab and belly fat. Utilizing the latest technology, abs can be sculpted with exceptional results. The COOLCORE Advantage is one of the most widely used fat reduction applicators in CoolSculpting. Each session takes about 30 to 45 minutes.

coolsculpting applicators


Skinny and narrowed frame individuals can still have stubborn fat in certain parts of their bodies. That is where the top rated COOLCURVE+ Advantage applicator works its magic. The state-of-the-art body-sculpting tool is designed to contour to the natural curvature of the body and is especially effective on Bra lines, banana rolls, flank areas and love handles.

coolsculpting applicators


The best part about the COOLCURVE ADVANTAGE™ PLUS CoolSculpting applicator is how effective it is when it comes to contouring and sculpting parts of the body. The method is not only highly efficient, but also cost-effective. In addition, there is less bruising and less post treatment discomfort. Fat found in the chest area, moobs, hips, arms and boobs is effectively reduced with this CoolSculpting applicator.

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coolsculpting applicators


Double chin fat is helpless against the powerful and proficient CoolMini CoolSculpting Applicator. Even though the CoolMini is one of the smallest on the line, it still renders exceptional results. Submental fullness, more commonly known as a double chin is accurately targeted and reduced with the CoolMini. In addition, the CoolMini was recently cleared by the FDA as a way to improve the appearance of skin laxity, offering a double solution to the double chin.

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coolsculpting applicators
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