Cool Sculpting Southlake

Cool Sculpting Southlake Treatments: What to Expect

Cool Sculpting SouthlakeCool Sculpting Southlake Treatments: What to Expect

Thinking of freezing fat with the premier Cool Sculpting Southlake provider, Santé Medical Aesthetics? Continue reading to learn more about what to expect during your treatment.

Cool Sculpting Southlake Treatments from Santé Medical Aesthetics.

Cool Sculpting is touted for being the world’s only FDA cleared fat reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to reduce unwanted bulges. Its unique technology distinguishes Cool Sculpting from any other body contouring treatment.

Cool Sculpting Consultation

The first step of freezing your fat is scheduling a complimentary consultation with Santé Medical Aesthetics, the top Cool Sculpting Southlake provider.

This revolutionary fat reduction treatment is not for everyone. During a complimentary consultation prior to your treatment, the technicians from Santé Medical Aesthetics will listen to your goals and help you determine if Cool Sculpting is right for you. If you are a good candidate, we will help you customize a treatment plan that targets your areas of concern while staying within your budget.

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Before Your Treatment

Your Cool Sculpting treatment will take place in our state-of-the-art medical facility that is customized to provide you with a luxurious, relaxing experience. Before we begin your treatment, your specialist will select the best applicator for your body type and mark the treatment area to ensure precise placement. As the premier Cool Sculpting Southlake provider, Santé Medical Spa is equipped with the latest line of CoolSculpting applicators known as the CoolAdvantage collection. Once the applicator is selected and the area is marked, your technician will place a proprietary gel pad over the treatment area. This gel pad protects your skin, ensuring the only thing that is frozen is unwanted fat. The applicator is then placed over the gel pad. Finally, your technician will make sure you are comfortable and have everything you need before starting the cooling session.

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During the treatment

During the procedure, the applicator will apply gentle suction to the treatment area. This draws subcutaneous fat cells to the surface for better exposure to the controlled cooling. The gentle suction also secures the applicator in place.

The treatment area will then be exposed to precisely controlled cooling for the duration of 35 minutes to 75 minutes, depending on which applicator is used, (most applicators require only 35-minute treatment times.)

When the cooling first starts, you may feel cold at the treatment area; however, this sensation typically lasts only a few minutes before the area becomes numb. Most patients report that the treatment is tolerable, with many patients reporting no pain or discomfort whatsoever.

After the cooling cycle is completed, the applicator will be removed. The treatment area will look red, firm, and slightly molded to the shape of the applicator. Your technician will massage the area either manually or by using an acoustic wave device, known as SantéSculpt, which enhances your Cool Sculpting results in half the time. After your massage, your fat freezing treatment is complete, and you are free to return to your normal activities.

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After Treatment

After your treatment, your lymphatic system begins to collect and process the frozen fat cells out of your body. It is not uncommon to experience symptoms associated with an immune response, like minor swelling, redness, bruising or tenderness at the treatment area. These symptoms are mild and temporary.

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Cool Sculpting Southlake

The best way to learn about the fat freezing procedure is to schedule a complimentary consultation with Santé Medical Aesthetics, the premier Cool Sculpting Southlake provider. Contact Santé online or by calling (817) 305-0050.