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Cool Sculpting Reviews from Southlake patients: Dallas / Fort Worth

Cool Sculpting reviews have saturated the internet with praises to this revolutionary body contouring procedure that is the now the #1 non-invasive fat reduction treatment in the world. The popularity and effectiveness of freezing away your fat is found on patient review sites, like, which ranks CoolSculpting with an impressively high 90% patient satisfaction rate.

Nevertheless, discerning patients should remember a very important fact when shopping for a CoolSculpting provider. CoolSculpting is a technique sensitive procedure, meaning not all CoolSculpting providers are created equal. And to ensure you get the best results possible, it is important to choose the best CoolSculpting provider in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

Cool Sculpting reviews from patients of Santé Medical Aesthetics verify the unparalleled results and unmatched experience that comes from the premier Southlake CoolSculpting provider.

Cool Sculpting Reviews on YELP:

Cool Sculpting Reviews

“I went in to try coolsculpting for the first time and they answered all my tough questions with ease and graciousness. It was well worth it…It worked with zero downtime! After having a baby a year ago I had a few trouble areas that were just not coming off with diet alone. After only my first treatment I am feeling back to my pre baby self!!! I also was in and out quickly…only an hour to treat four areas (stomach and flanks).”

– AM

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Cool Sculpting Reviews

“I was referred by a friend to go try cool sculpting at Sante aesthetics and wellness…I had some stubborn belly fat I needed removed…. It’s was a great experience and my results from CoolSculpting are phenomenal! It takes about 3 months to see results which was explained to me by the tech. I actually started seeing mine around the 60 day mark. I will be going back soon to have more body contouring done. I would recommend this place to anyone!”

Whitney D.

Frisco, TX

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Freeze Away Fat with CoolSculpting

From Santé Medical Aesthetics: The Premier CoolSculpting Dallas Provider

CoolSculpting is the only FDA cleared fat reduction treatment that safely and effectively reduces stubborn bulges by exposing fat cells to controlled cooling.

Cool Sculpting Reviews from real patients will tell you why Santé Medical Aesthetics is the #1 choice for CoolSculpting in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, but a picture is worth a thousand words. See how well CoolSculpting works for yourself by checking out these CoolSculpting before and after pictures .

Cool Sculpting Reviews on Google in Southlake, TX

Cool Sculpting Reviews

“I just had Coolsculpting done today on my flanks and I couldn’t be happier! I actually had three consultations at other med spas around DFW prior to setting my appointment with Sante’ Medical Aesthetics. I am SO glad that I waited!! All three locations told me yes to what I wanted done without even looking at me. I was expecting a similar experience with Sante’ and I couldn’t have been more wrong! When I arrived at Sante’ for my consultation… I was greeted by a super nice receptionist…We chatted as if we were long lost best friends as she walked me around the beautiful, upscale facility. During the consultation, she listened to me and answered ALL my questions. I thought that would be it. To my surprise, the nurse came in to examine me to see if I was a candidate for Coolsculpting on my legs which is what I wanted done. After looking at my thighs…she told me it was a NO for my legs. What?? No one previously even mentioned that Coolscultping on my legs wouldn’t be a good fit….I was disappointed about not being able to have the procedure on my legs…but more importantly I was so THANKFUL that the staff at Sante’ cared more about my long term results and health than just booking me for a procedure. That speaks volumes about their care, consideration, and level of professionalism towards their patients. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable and the office is clean and relaxing… I am really looking forward to making Sante’ my new home for all my cosmetic procedures…no need to go anywhere else. THANK YOU!”

Bekah Green

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Want to learn more about CoolSculpting? Schedule a complimentary consultation with Santé Medical Aesthetics by calling or signing up online today. New clients receive up to 25% off their first CoolSculpting treatment.

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