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With advancements in cosmetic technologies, non-invasive, anti-aging treatments are more popular than ever. Millions of men and women undergo these treatments to look younger and more energized by rejuvenating their skin, diminishing blemishes that are synonymous with aging, and contouring a youthful physique, all without surgery or downtime. Learn about the 10 most popular, non-invasive ant-aging treatments in 2017 to discover if one of them is right for you.

10 Most Popular Non-Invasive, Anti-Aging Treatments in 2017¹

1. Botox…………………………..7.2 million treatments
2. Soft Tissue Fillers…………2.7 million treatments
3. Chemical Peel………………1.4 million treatments
4. Laser Hair Removal……..1.1 million treatments
5. Microdermabrasion……..740,000+ treatments
6. IPL Photofacial……………..660,000 + treatments
7. Laser Skin Resurfacing….587,000+ treatments
8. Vein Removal………………..543,000+ treatments
9. Body Contouring……………356,000+ treatments
10. Skin Tightening………………333,000+ treatments


The king of cosmetic treatments, Botox is performed almost as often as the other nine anti-aging treatments combined. The gold standard in anti-aging skincare, Botox relaxes the tensed muscles that create expression lines in the upper portion of the face. These include fine lines around the eyes (crow’s feet) vertical brow lines, and forehead wrinkles.

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Fillers are the second most popular non-invasive anti-aging treatment, and often work in conjunction with Botox. Fillers consist of volumizing substances, often Hyaluronic Acid, that are used to fill in wrinkles and restore areas with age related volume loss. In addition, fillers are commonly used as lip injections.

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This type of anti-aging facial uses an FDA-cleared chemical solution to gently peel away the outer most layer of skin that consists of dead cells that dull your complexion and clog your pores. Exfoliating the outer most layer of skin cells, reveals the younger, more radiant layer that lies beneath and triggers cellular renewal.

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Youth is synonymous with smooth, silky skin. Laser hair removal is the most popular method for permanent hair reduction. It uses thermal energy to disable the hair follicle, preventing future hair growth. Hair grows in several stages. In order for laser hair removal to be effective, the hair must be in the growing stage. That is why several sessions are needed for optimal hair reduction.

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This popular facial exfoliates the top layer of skin cells using tiny crystals that are shot out onto the skin and suctioned back into a hand piece. Microdermabrasion is ideal for improving skin tone and texture and making your complexion look more radiant and youthful looking.

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IPL Photofacials are anti-aging treatments that use Intense Pulsed Light to break up the melanin that causes age spots. Once broken into smaller particles, the body absorbs the fragmented melanin, causing the brown spot to gradually disappear.

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Laser skin resurfacing uses thermal energy to rejuvenate the skin so it looks younger and more revitalized. Using a cosmetic laser to penetrate the deeper layers of skin, skin tissue is heated, triggering a natural healing process. In response, the body creates new skin cells and produces more collagen and elastin, the key proteins in healthy, youthful skin.


Unsightly veins can be removed without surgery or incisions using thermal energy (laser vein removal) or chemical solutions (Sclerotherapy.) During laser vein removal, the swollen blood vessel is heated. This causes it to collapse and disintegrate. During sclerotherapy, varicose veins are injected with a chemical solution that causes the vein to collapse and be reabsorbed by the body. Learn more about the difference between laser vein removal and sclerotherapy.

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A youthful physique can take years off your appearance. CoolSculpting is the most popular, minimally invasive body contouring treatment on the market. It reduces stubborn fat bulges by freezing fat cells to death. Once eliminated, fat cells cannot grow back, leading to long-term fat reduction.

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There are several non-invasive skin tightening treatments, utilizing different types of energy to penetrate the deeper layers of the dermis to stimulate the production of collagen. This remodels the tissue from the inside, lifting and toning lose and lax skin.

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Anti-Aging Treatments Near Me:

There are several alternatives to plastic surgery when it comes to rejuvenating your appearance. Knowing which treatment is right for you may require the assistance of professional. Fortunately, Dallas residents can schedule a complimentary consultation with the specialists at Santé Medical Aesthetics. Located in Southlake, TX, Santé is the premier skin and laser spa for non-invasive cosmetic treatments. Contact Santé online or call (817) 305-0050 today.

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